Monday, August 1, 2016

Here are some sample images that were taken from some of our favorite locations. There are countless other amazing sites, but these areas seem to have something to offer any time of day. Keep in mind that some of the best locations are the ones that have some significance to you, so we'd love to hear your suggestions!

Monument Valley Park

Below the Fine Art Center

Botanical Garden

Urban Downtown

Inspirations in Photography Studio/Alley/Roof top

Cathedral Pines

Duck Pond

Cheyenne Canyon

Red Rock Park

Garden of the Gods

Rock Ledge Ranch

Sunny Field of Flowers

Sports Collage

Ok- number 13 isn't really a location, but a custom collage shows the endless possibilities to showcase you uniqueness. 

We hope this helps you decide the style that suits YOU  for your senior portrait session. 
We recommend having a pre-session consultation with your photographer prior to your session. We can show you sample shots and you can convey your likes and dislikes. We can also give you pointers on your clothing selections and tips to have you looking your best.
Check out our Inspired Galleries at Inspirations in Photography. We also have blogs on Tips for Boys and Tips for Girls that will answer a lot of your questions.

Contact us and we'll help you customize YOUR senior portraits YOUR way. You can always call us at 719-649-3541.

Now for the hard part- SCHEDULE IT!!